4 Signs You Need New Eyeglasses

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Once you get prescription eyeglasses, you may be tempted to keep wearing the same pair of glasses for years without ever adjusting your prescription. You may be attached to a particular pair of eyeglasses, or simply want to save time by avoiding an eye doctor visit. This is a mistake, however, since your vision needs change over time and a prescription that was right for you a year or two ago may no longer be enough to keep your vision as sharp and effortless as it should be. Here are four signs you need a new prescription or a new pair of eyeglasses:

You Are Getting Frequent Headaches

When your glasses or contacts are no longer strong enough, you end up straining your eyes in order to read and navigate daily life, often without realizing you are doing so. This results in frequent unexplained headaches that are likely to go away once you update your prescription.

Your Vision is Getting Blurry

If you've noticed that words on a screen or sign are harder to focus on, and things tend to look a bit blurry instead of sharp and focused, this is a dramatic sign that you are overdue for an update to your eyeglasses prescription. With the right glasses or contacts, your vision should be focused and sharp instead of cloudy and blurry.

Your Eyes Feel Tired all the Time

It's normal for eyes to feel fatigued from time to time, especially if you have been spending long hours in front of your computer. If your eyes seem to always feel tired and sore, however, chances are they are working too hard to compensate for your glasses not being strong enough.

Your Glasses are All Scratched Up

Sometimes, your prescription is still adequate, but your actual eyeglasses are scratched and worn out. Dropping or bumping your glasses leaves tiny scratches on the lenses that make it harder to see and make your glasses less effective overall. Getting an eye exam to make sure your prescription needs remain the same is key, but then you should replace your old, scratched glasses with new ones regardless.

If you've noticed any of these four signs that you need new glasses, it's time to make an appointment with your eye doctor. They will ensure you end up with new glasses or contacts that you love, while updating your prescription to match your current vision needs. Visit a site like http://www.20twentymt.com for more help.