Some Things You Need To Know About Getting Lasik Surgery

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Lasik is a great way to heal your eyesight and get your life back. There are many people who want to do Lasik surgery, and once they get it done, they are incredibly pleased with the results. Here are some things that you need to know about getting Lasik surgery.

How Do You Know If You Are A Candidate For Lasik?

There really is no way to know if you are candidate for Lasik unless you go into the doctor and get a consultation. Most doctors who perform Lasik surgery offer a free consultation where they will look at your medical history, check the health of your eyes, and determine if you could get the surgery at all. Some things that might prevent you from getting the surgery is that you have a damaged cornea. This can happen from improper or overuse of contacts. Also, if you have a certain type of eyesight, like far sighted, you might not benefit from getting Lasik. Going to the consultation will help you to know. Additionally, you can get an idea of price during this appointment.

Is Lasik An Intense Surgery?

The great thing about Lasik is that the process itself is very simple. It is a simple in-and-out procedure. After your initial consultation, you can make an appointment to come back in and get the procedure done. When you get there for the surgery, the doctor will put some numbing agent into your eyes. This will make it so that you don't feel the laser at all when you get the procedure done. Once the eyes have properly been numbed, the doctor will do the procedure. You will be awake for it, and they will have a contraption that holds the eye open. Then a small laser will trim the cornea and it is done. It usually takes just 10 to 15 minutes to actually do it.

After the surgery, you will usually be in a healing room for a little bit of time while your eyes settle. You might have to wear bandages over the eyes for a short time, usually under an hour. Then after this initial healing period, the doctor will look at the eyes and send you home.

While home, you should avoid any bright lights, going outside, or wearing eye makeup for a day or two. Then you are completely done.

As you can see, Lasik is very simple and a great option for many people.