Eye Strain At The Office: What To Avoid

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If you're an eyeglass wearer, then you already know how important it is to take care of your eyes. There may be some things that you are doing that you don't even know could be affecting your vision. Things in your every day that you do, such as working on your computer at work could be straining your eyes and causing your vision to worsen. See below for a list of things to avoid doing while at the office to prevent straining your eyes.

Old Glasses

If you are wearing your old prescription glasses while at work to see the computer a little better, you could be causing your eyes to strain to see clearly. This is going to worsen your prescription. Get to the optometrist and have your vision checked, then invest in some new lenses that have the updated prescription. Wearing glasses that aren't properly fitted can also cause eye strain. Be sure your frames fit your face and aren't sliding forward on you. Your frames should sit on your ears and nose without sliding and should be a comfortable fit. If the frames are too small it can also be a problem.

Poor Lighting

Poor lighting or excessive lighting can cause a problem with eye strain. If it's too bright it can cause a glare, but without enough light, your eyes are trying to focus on too bright of a screen. You should have just enough light without any glare at all on your screen. Make adjustments as necessary, even moving your computer (or desk) entirely to be able to see. If a window is causing the glare and you can't move your desk or computer, see about adding blinds to help block out the glare.

Improper Posture

You may go home with a stiff neck at times, or even a sore back and think it's your chair, but it could be because you're sitting too far forward in an effort to see your computer screen. If this is the case, you may need to have your vision checked. You should be sitting straight up in your chair, not hunched forward to be able to see. Sitting too close to the screen can also cause a strain to your eyes with the brightness of the screen.

Going to the office each day is something very normal, although there are a number of things there that could be causing your vision to worsen. Be sure to see your optometrist if you notice a difference in your vision to have your prescription updated. To learn more, contact an eye clinic like Vision Eyeland Super Optical LLC