4 Tips To Help You Adjust To Using Contacts

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If you rely on vision correction products such as glasses to see clearly, you know how frustrating it can be to have to wear them all the time. You may sick of the way that you look with glasses on. The good news is there are other options out there, like eye contacts and Lasik surgery. Some people want to avoid surgery and choose to wear contacts. If you're unfamiliar with wearing contacts but are considering this option, you may be wondering how you'll adjust. Here are some tips that can make adjusting to contact lenses easier.

Talk with Your Doctor about Your Needs

You want to first talk with your doctor about your individual needs. For example, if you have bifocals or have astigmatism, you may have concerns about whether contacts will work. You may need a different type of contact lens than most people. Your doctor can help you better understand your options and can have you fit.

Wear Trial Contacts First

Wearing contacts is very different than wearing glasses. It's normal to feel uncomfortable when you first put them in. It's a good idea to prepare to test out contacts first. Your doctor can order trial pairs for you so that you can get a feel for what to expect. Starting with a trial period can also better help your eyes adjust.

Wash As Instructed and Follow All Wear Directions

To have the most success with contacts, you really need to follow directions. This includes properly washing your contacts so that you can see well and don't get an infection. You should also follow all wear instructions, making sure that you remove contacts when sleeping. This can help to keep your contacts in great working condition and can keep you safe.

Use Drops for Comfort

If you're feeling like your eyes are really dry or you're really noticing the feeling of your contacts, you may need to add more moisture. You can do this with the use of eye drops. Make sure that you buy the right drops for your contact lenses, as some contacts are made with materials that can be damaged by certain drops. Using eye drops is a great way to add more moisture throughout the day and feel more at ease.

Switching to contact lenses can be a great option. By following the above tips, you can better enjoy and adjust to your new contact lenses. if you have any questions or concerns, be sure to visit an eye doctor in your area.