How Your Optometrist Is Protecting You From COVID-19

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Is it time to visit your optometrist for a vision checkup, but you are feeling anxious about going due to COVID-19?  If so, know that they are doing all that they can in order to keep you safe during these uncertain times.  Here is what your local optometrist is doing for your safety.

Wellness Screening

One of the things that you can expect to happen before your checkup is a wellness screening. This includes taking your temperature with a contactless thermometer to make sure that you or any of the patients do not have a fever. You will also be given a questionnaire regarding any recent health conditions or activity.  Expect to be asked if you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, have been in contact with any people that have symptoms, or have recently returned from travel from a different state.  Keep in mind that some states are imposing travel restrictions between states, asking you to self-quarantine if you have recently returned from travel. 

Social Distancing

You'll want to keep social distancing in mind when at the optometrist office. You may be requested to stand further back from counters when interacting with staff, and only approach the counter when needing to sign documents or pay for your services.  You'll also be expected to have your interactions with your optometrist and their assistance to be more distanced.

In situations where the optometrist cannot maintain social distancing, such as performing a close look at your eyes, expect to have a plastic or glass barrier between the two of you. This will be necessary to ensure that everyone is safe, but you are still getting the same quality of examination that you should get during a vision screening.

Equipment Cleaning

The nature of doing an eye exam means that you are putting your face up against equipment that previous people have used.  You can expect for all the equipment to be wiped down with alcohol-based wipes that will destroy the virus on contact.  Since many people's masks will cause the moisture from their mouth to go upwards towards their eyes, this will be necessary to ensure that all the equipment is clean between patients. You may even notice it yourself when the lenses you have to look for look a bit foggy from the moisture coming out of your mouth.

Have questions about what your visit will be like? Reach out to your local eye doctor for more information.